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About the Parking Reform Atlas

A project started by Paul Barter of Reinventing Parking

Reinventing Parking is a website and podcast created by Paul Barter, who has been working on parking policy issues since 2008.


You can browse a set of Paul's downloadable publications on parking

With the help of the international community of parking changemakers, this Parking Reform Atlas project aims to collect rich examples of noteworthy parking policies and parking reforms from all over the world.


I want to complement the work at Reinventing Parking and to make it easy for you to find parking reform ideas and examples from many contexts.


The key idea is to support any work, anywhere in the world, to prevent parking policy from getting in the way of all the other good things we all want from our cities.

Do you want to get involved and help make the Atlas better? 

Or just feel free to just make good use of the Atlas.

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