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How you can help

Are you part of the growing international community of parking changemakers?


Do you agree that parking and parking policy are too often huge obstacles to many great things that we want for our cities and towns? 


You can help this project! There are both active and more passive ways to help.

Use the atlas AND give credit when you do

Please give credit to this site (and/or to the sources that are mentioned on each reform page) whenever you make use of it in your parking change-making work, whether research, advocacy, professional work or whatever. 

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Sign up for email updates

Sign up to get email updates about new content on the main Reinventing Parking site (with its podcast episodes and articles). Those updates will also include updates about this Parking Reform Atlas. 

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Join the Reinventing Parking community

If you are a Facebook user, you can join the Reinventing Parking community, our facebook group, and share insights on parking changemaking with likeminded people around the world. 

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Support this effort via Patreon

Become a monthly "patron" of my writing, podcasting and Parking Reform Atlas work at whatever dollar amount you feel good about. Sign up if you support what I am trying to achieve and want me to keep writing, making podcasts, expanding this atlas and working on this mission that grips me.

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Send a tip or offer feedback

Offer corrections, suggestions or any other feedback below.

If you are suggesting a reform, please try to include links to more information and/or suggest people/organizations to contact to seek details.

Thanks for submitting!

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