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Other sources of parking reform case descriptions

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Eastern Asia and the Pacific

Asian Development Bank. Parking Policy in Asian Cities

This 2011 report provides an international comparative perspective on parking policy in Asian cities, while highlighting the nature of the policy choices available.


Park4SUMP, Good Practise Examples and Case Studies.

Excellent set of parking case studies from all over Europe. Park4SUMP aims to help cities integrate innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for a better mobility and quality of life. Park4SUMP under CIVITAS is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project. It is coordinated by Mobiel 21 in Belgium.

ITDP, Europe's Parking U-Turn: From Accommodation to Regulation.

Published in 2011. This report reviews successful parking practices in European cities. 

USA and Canada

ITDP, U.S. Parking Policies: An Overview of Management Strategies

This 2010 report highlights best practices in parking management in the United States.

Parking Reform Network, Parking Policy Report Card project (work in progress). 

Parking Reform Network is surveying cities across the USA to create a parking report card to grade each city on parking reform and to suggest how they can improve their score.

Parking Reform Network, Parking Mandates Map

This is a constantly-updated interactive map of municipalities that have undertaken significant reform to their parking mandates (minimum parking requirements). This improves and updates an earlier version created by the Strong Towns movement. The map currently covers North America.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), Parking and Travel Demand Management Policies in Latin America

This 2013 guidebook is the result of a study carried out in 12 cities across five countries throughout Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) looking at parking and travel demand management (TDM) policies.

Other regions

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ITDP, Parking Guidebook for Chinese Cities

Guidance on parking policy intended for an audience in China. Includes background on parking policies there and a chapter focused on China. 

Also includes international case studies: 

  • Amsterdam: High-Tech Enforcement Solution

  • Barcelona: Centralized Management Of Parking Inventory

  • Beijing: Increased Parking Fees To Tackle Congestion

  • Budapest: Parking Control Center For More Effective Management

  • Hong Kong: Comprehensive Strategy Includes Shared Parking And Market Pricing

  • London: Changing Laws To Enable Controlled Parking Zones (Cpzs)

  • Mexico City: Anti-Corruption Enforcement Techniques

  • New York: Comprehensive Strategies Caused By Air Quality Concern

  • San Francisco: Using Dynamic Pricing To Reduce Congestion

  • Seattle: Low-Tech Pricing Solution

  • Seoul: Low Minimums Address Oversupply Of Parking 

  • Zurich: Fighting Congestion With Parking Caps

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