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Dublin parking maximums

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Brief summary of this reform

Dublin applies parking maximums not minimums. The 'car parking standards' in Dublin 'shall be generally regarded as the MAXIMUM parking provision and parking provision in excess of these maximum standards shall only be permitted in exceptional circumstances'. I assume that Dublin previously had minimum parking requirements but it is unclear to me when this occurred.

Why should you care?

Without fanfare it appears that Dublin (and perhaps many or all cities in Ireland) has been applying parking maximums, rather than minimums.

However, the policy is interesting in that the goal seems to be not only to avoid excessive parking provision but also to avoid excessively low provision.

So, despite imposing maximums, the spirit of this policy therefore seems less relaxed about the possibility of low-parking buildings than a reform such as Edmonton's, where minimums have been abolished without imposing maximums.



Vehicle type



Province of Leinster

Key actor type

Local government


Dublin City

Primary motivation


Agencies involved

Dublin City Council

Is it a model or a warning?


Reform type

Main parking category

Main parking paradigm shift

maximums or caps (including minimums switched to maximums)

Off-street various

Away from excessive parking supply

Adaptive Parking thrust

Implementation status

Year adopted

D: Discourage or limit parking supply in certain contexts


Goals of the reform

This example of maximums is not only concerned with limiting parking supply. The language in the document, 16.38 Car Parking Standards, suggests that the parking standards aim for 'right-sized' parking provision with developments. The goals seem to be to both avoid shortage AND excessive provision and to aim for about the 'right' amount of parking for each context.

Impetus (what problem, campaign, opportunity or event prompted action?)

I don't know and would like to find out.

Detailed description of the reform

Dublin's 'car parking standards' 'shall be generally regarded as the MAXIMUM parking provision and parking provision in excess of these maximum standards shall only be permitted in exceptional circumstances' (Dublin City Council, 16.38 Car Parking Standards).

The parking provision standards are set according to three zones: 'Parking Zone 1 is generally within an inner city location where transport corridors intersect, or that has significant interchange potential. Parking Zone 2 occurs alongside transport corridors and the remainder of the city falls under Parking Zone 3.'

Although the standards are said to be maximums, the relevant text also expresses concern about the risk of inadequate parking.

For example, 'Parking provision below the maximum may be permitted provided it does not impact negatively on the amenities of surrounding properties or areas and there is no potential negative impact on traffic safety.

In certain cases, parking can be restricted even below the prevailing maximum for that location: 'In addition, the planning authority may require the maximum number of car parking spaces specified in Table 16.1 to be further reduced where it is considered that the surrounding road network is not sufficient to cater for the volume of traffic likely to be generated by the proposed development.'

The documents do not mention minimums but there is some hint that parking minimums are applied in some cases at least. For example, 'Given the high accessibility by public transport to Zone 1 there shall be no minimum requirement for car parking in that zone', which seems to imply that there might be minimums in other zones or that the parking standards may be considered to be a target level of provision, not just a maximum.

In practice it appears that developers are expected to provide parking at rates at or below the maximums but to also justify themselves if providing substantially less parking than the standard.

Results or impacts

I don't know and would like to.

Sources and acknowledgements

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14 Mar 2021

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